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Power Industry Exhibition 2021[ Shanghai ] International Power Industry Exhibition

20218th China (Shanghai) International Power Industry Exhibition 2021 China (Shenzhen) International Power Industry Exhibition Time: 202102-04 November venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, International Support Association of Shanghai Power Industry Association, Ministry of Energy, Malaysia, institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Institute of Power and Energy, South African Department of Energy, South African Power Company, Indian Department of Power, Indonesia Power Society (Mki) , Taiwan Electric and Electronics Manufacturing Association, Pakistan Power and Electronics Association, vietnam Electric Power Technology Association Philippine Electric Power Market Group, Philippine National Electric Power Company Korea Electric Power Manufacturing Association, the 8th China (Shanghai) International Power Industry Exhibition 2021 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 02-04,2021. Since its inception, the Shanghai International Power Supply Industry Fair has been operating professionally, market-oriented, internationally and under a brand name, it has developed into the most influential exhibition in the field of China's power industry, which has passed the UFI certification and has the largest scale, the most complete function and the most level, china's power industry is an important window for the world and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation platform. In addition to insisting on attracting visitors with the exhibition's years of industry reputation and solid exhibition quality, in recent years, we also try to put more interactive sessions with the professional audience, such as * * Seal, audience raffle and so on, to enhance the audience's enthusiasm for the exhibition and the interaction with the exhibitors, and indeed achieved considerable results, but also won the unanimous approval of the exhibitors. The last review of more than 500 domestic and foreign excellent power industry enterprises debut 2021 Shanghai International Power Industry Exhibition, for upstream and downstream enterprises to provide more advantageous solutions to meet customer demand for high-quality products. Shanghai Electric, Schneider, aerospace power, Sanke Electric, Emerson, Hobek, Reynolds, Delta group, Murayama Electronics, new power, Sux, Qunguang technology, Mingwei, Kehua, Hengdian Power, Yidawirui, Hottinger, TDK, Feihong Technology, and other well-known enterprises will come to the exhibition. In 2020, brand exhibitors from all over the world will display their latest products and technologies to 60,000 professional audiences with nearly 30,000 square meters of display area. China Power Industry Exhibition will continue to provide exhibitors with more market opportunities and professional services, and make every effort to bring exhibitors and visitors a new experience at a higher starting point. 2021 The 8th China (Shanghai) International Power Industry Exhibition, enjoy the visual feast, learn * * Technology! May We meet in Shanghai on 2021! WHY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXHIBITION: PROFESSIONAL AUDIENCE REVERSE PROCUREMENT SPECIAL AREA SET UP A "professional audience reverse procurement special area" , invite more than 500 users in need of enterprise collective appearance, release project requirements; to provide precise business docking for enterprises, to achieve win-win cooperation! Stepping into the enterprise -- project docking series organizing committee with strong industry resource advantage, visiting many unique representative enterprises, in order to shorten the distance between supply and demand, for the industry upstream and downstream users to provide convenient and efficient communication platform. To help enterprises go into the user enterprise, face-to-face listening to the needs of the user enterprise, understand the user enterprise production process "pain point" , effectively help enterprises for the user enterprise needs to formulate customized solutions to help users upgrade the enterprise technology. Quality buyers group, a large professional audience group Industry Association to provide strong resources to support, the organizing committee large-scale Organization of enterprises to participate in the exhibition and invite customers to trade buyers, each session of nearly 60,000 professional buyers and visitors to visit, to share the exhibition results. Industry * * Summit and Professional Forum to be held concurrently * Industry * Summit and Professional Forum. "INTERNATIONAL HIGH-END CONFERENCE + Industry Professional Exhibition" mode, focusing on the government, industry, enterprise voice, promote the development of the power industry. The rich media publicity combined with 100 mainstream TV stations and professional media including China Central Television, Phoenix Satellite TV, oriental satellite TV, Shanghai Television, * * Finance and Economics, People's Daily, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Netease, tencent and so on, greatly enhanced the exposure rate of the participating enterprises. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. Special Power Supply: security power supply, high voltage power supply, medical power supply, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply, other special power supply. Electronic transformers and inductors: Power supply equipment transformers, inductors, industrial transformers, home appliances transformers, lighting transformers, neon glue transformers, special transformers, transformer testing instruments, transformers/inductors winding equipment and insulated wires, etc. . Power supply accessory products: all kinds of power supply components (benevolence triode/rectifier, silicon controlled rectifier, IGBT/MOS tube, resistance, capacitance, work semiconductor, capacitor, filter, oscilloscope, protector, PDU socket, reactor, power cord, temperature controller, relay, radiator and fan, lithium battery, battery, power module box/case/cabinet/cabinet, connection wire terminal, etc. . POWER SUPPLY MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT AND AUXILIARY MATERIALS: Power supply/battery manufacturing equipment, power supply/battery testing system, power supply testing fixture, safety regulation testing instrument, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, filling equipment power supply, dispensing equipment, aging testing equipment, electrical load, etc; sealing silicone rubber, filling sealant, thermal conductive silicone rubber, insulating sleeve, heat dissipation silicone rubber, magnetic materials, etc. . Power Supply Related Software: Monitoring System, auxiliary design software, power supply comprehensive solution, power supply testing service safety regulation certification and related software for power supply management, power supply installation engineering and appliances, etc. . 1. Fill out the application form and send it to the organizing committee office after it has been approved by signature with seal. The organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths according to the principles of first registration, first payment and first arrangement. 3, the booth will be confirmed within seven days after the relevant fees into the account designated by the organizing committee, the payment received after the final confirmation of the booth, otherwise, the booth will not be retained. 4. Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer their booths and exhibits that are not related to the content of the exhibition, otherwise they will be disqualified.